Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Foreign Language Editions

Here is a list of all the foreign language editions of Promethea I know of.
If anyone knows of any others or has any corrections, additions to make to what is already here please let me know.


Speed Comics
Verlag Thomas Tilsner
Postfach 1829
83637 Bad Tölz
Translator: Gerlinde Althoff

Magic Press
via Cancelliera 60
00040 Ariccia (RM)
Translator: Leonardo Rizzi

Inferno Book #20 (2000) 1st 3 issues only
Editor: Sigbjorn Stabursvik
Translators: Jens. E. Rosaasen & Krister Tangring

Editorial Planeta DeAgostini(under the imprint World Comics)
Translator: Gonzalo Quesada

Monday, June 14, 2004

The Great Promethea Re-read

Inspired by the Great Cerebus re-read that I'm taking part in I've decided to approach Promethea in the same way.

Tentative dates
Mondays to Sundays
If you prefer just treat it as 6 weeks to read Books 1-3
and 7 weeks to read Books 4-5.

Firstly read the issue/book then read my annotations to same.
The best place to do this is at the enjolrasworld mirror of my Promethea Annotations.

Come up with any Q&A's and observations not covered in my annotations,
also specific questions for specific people such as colorist Jeromy
Cox or letterer Todd Klein, etc.
You might also want to consider any extras in the books not shown in specific issues such as dedications, the illustrations & descriptions between issues, the sketches shown in Book 1.
Covers and how they relate to the internal artwork.

Readers letters appeared in the first 16 issues but were not
reprinted. If like me you don't have copies of these individual issues they can be found here:

Issues #2-#9
Issues #10-#16

People who sent the letters might care to comment or other people could pick up on points raised by these letters.

Re-read Q&A's etc. to be found at my Yahoo Promethea Group


5-11 Issue #1
12-18 Issue #2
19-25 Issue #3
26-1 Aug Issue #4
2-8 Issue #5
9-15 Issue #6
16-22 Issue #7
23-29 Issue #8
30-5 Sep Issue #9
6-12 Issue #10
13-19 Issue #11
20-26 Issue #12
27-3 Oct Issue #13
4-10 Issue #14
11-17 Issue #15
18-24 Issue #16
25-31 Issue #17
1-7 Issue #18
8-14 Issue #19
15-21 Issue #20
22-28 Issue #21
29-5 Dec Issue #22
6-12 Issue #23
13-19 Issue #24
20-26 Issue #25 (Xmas might get in the way here so maybe we could just carry this on into early January)


10-16 Issue #26
17-23 Issue #27
24-30 Issue #28
31-6 Feb Issue #29
7-13 Issue #30
14-20 Issue #31
21-28 Issue #32

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Primary Bibliography

I won't be putting the whole of my Bibliography for the PGB online but just the Primary Bibliography.
It's too big to put on this Updates page but clikc on the name to get to the webpage.
I still have to add Little Margie in Misty Magic Land and all the Tom Strong issues that refer to Promethea.

Monday, June 07, 2004


In my preparation for trying to write my Promethea Guide Book (or PGB as I refer to it) I'm hoping for some feedback from other readers and fans of the book. Here is a questionnaire for my research. Please provide answers by the end of September 2004.
As an incentive to answer whoever provides the best answers gets a copy of Big Numbers #1.

Image Source

1) Are you male or female?
2) If you could ask Alan Moore and JH Williams one or two questions (about Promethea) what would they be?
2.5) Ditto for any of the following:

a. Editor: Scott Dunbier
b. Inker: Mick Gray
c. Colorist: Jeromy Cox
d. Letterer: Todd Klein
e. Digital Artist: Jose Villarubia
f. Charles Vess (Charlton Sennett story pgs 8-15 in Issue #4)

3) Who is your favourite/least favourite character in Promethea and why?
4) What is your favourite/least favourite storyline in Promethea and why?(Choose one issue if you like)
5) Which is your favourite cover and why?

6) What appeals to you most in Promethea: the ‘superheroics’; the ‘spiritualism’; the literary side or the historical angle?
7) Has Promethea sustained your interest? Is it as compelling now as when it began (or vice versa)? If your interest waned, can you say when/why?
8) How does Promethea measure up to other (similar) comics you've read?
9) Are there any (similar) works you'd like to recommend?
10) Has reading Promethea prompted you to read up on, for example, Magic; Aleister Crowley or the Kaballah?

If you have answers to any of the above or can think of any other questions you think I should ask but haven't please send them to me


Sunday, June 06, 2004

Skeleton Outline

Quoting from myself and my original proposal for this book
(I'll update this entry as I change my mind about what to include in the book itself):

I see this book as something of a hybrid lying somewhere between Hy Bender’s The Sandman Companion (Titan Books, 1999)
ISBN: 1-84023150-5 HC or
ISBN: 1-84023-164-5 TPB
and Jess Nevins'
Heroes & Monsters: The Unofficial Companion to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
(MonkeyBrain Books, 2003)
ISBN: 1-932265-04-X


the Radiant Heavenly City
(the end of the World?):

A Guide to
Alan Moore & JH Williams III's

where {...} is the title of Issue #32 as long as it's something appropriate.

Proposed Official Publication Date

November 18th, 2005


an Introduction followed by a chapter on all of the covers and the artists that inspired them entitled 32 which might also include information about other artists important to Promethea such as William Blake, Hieronymous Bosch and Peter Breughel who have some influence on Issue #12,
then a breakdown of the whole of Promethea something like
1st story arc (Sophie earns her wings)
Book One - Issues 1-6
Book Two - Issues 7-12
2nd story arc (The Kabbalah Road Trip)
Book Three - Issues 13-18
Book Four - Issues 19-25
3rd story arc (have to think of a title for this probably something about the End of the World)
Book Five - Issues 26-32

I was thinking of starting the introduction with something like
"Like Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Alan Moore's Promethea is a trilogy in 5 parts...."
but somewhere in there I'd credit
Jess Nevins annotations
and Heroes and Monsters as the inspiration for my own output.
If I just published a text book without illustrations I would include the annotations but if I had illustrations I might not actually reproduce all the annotations but instead make references to them and do what Hy Bender has done with his Sandman companion. Namely outline the plots of each issue and then do questions and answers about each issue with Alan and JHWilliams, etc.
Essay topics would probably be something like
One about
with subheadings parts about
  • Dr. John Dee (1527-1608)
  • Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)
  • Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956)
  • Jack Parsons (1914-1952)

Another essay on all the
Literature or Real books mentioned in Promethea
These include:
  • Helen Cixious Le Livre de Promethea
  • The Lesser Clavicle of Solomon the King
  • Lucian's A True Story
  • John Kendrick Bang's A Houseboat on the Styx and it's sequel The Pursuit of the Houseboat

plus bits about all the Crowley and associated books that you can see at Jack Faust's place at different times plus any fictional books and if known the works they are based on.

Of the book such as the snake symbolism that recurs throughout, the dichomoty and fusion of different aspects of individual characters such as Jack Faust, Crowley

Interesting coincidences such as the
Promethea Movement
which came into existence at around the same time as Alan first got the idea of using Promethea as a comic book title
the fact that the first cloned horse in the world was named Prometea or that at one time back in the 70’s Pasolini was interested in helping to produce a film to be called
La Prométhée ('The Female Prometheus')


I would also include a
Chronological Time Line of Events
(here's a preliminary version of this)

and an A-Z Character Index with additional information about what issues characters appeared in
Preliminary versions of
Issues #1-#25
Issue 26-32
I've already done a much better updated version of these two combined but I won't put that online now.

Maybe a few Appendixes (appendices?) about
Little Margie in Misty Magic Land

and Release Dates
and Sales Figures
Also Print Runs which can be found at the 4 color Heroes store.
plus a listing of all the Awards and Nominations Promethea has gotten over the years.
Information about Foreign Editions and where to purchase them
And of course at the end an updated

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Probably the only bit from the book that I'll post online before I actually publish it or complete it will be the Acknowledgements Page. Not counting the acknowledgements for the main people such as Alan and JH Williams, etc....
Here's a list of who I have to thank so far:

This book would not have been possible without the assistance of the following people:

Altar(sic.) Ego, Gordon Amnot, Anonymous, Jay Babcock, Charles Baldock, Bad-Candle Jack, Joel Biroco, Fabio Blanco, Mark Bowers, Dave Clark, John D. Coyle, Marc William de Giere, the Despoiler, Michael Draine, Paul Duggan, Rodolphe Duhil, Damian Gordon, Philip Graves, Greybird of Starhaven, Ng Kiat Han, hermes, David Hume, Impulsivelad2, jhagglun, Claire M Jordan, JDC, Johan Kaikkonen, Peter Karpas, Rob Keery, Craig Klotz, Christine Hoff Kraemer, Miles Kurland, Thomas Lautwein, Kevin Magee, Gabriel McCann, Paul McFedries, Angel Mirou, mr.miracle, Mrrutsala, Jose Carlos Neves, John O'Neil, Saajan Patel, Irv Pinsky, Chad Raymond, Leonardo Rizzi, Fritz Ruehr, ryc, Armando Salinas, Doug Scott, Yim Onn Siong, Sabine Stalmann, Stately Wayne Manor, Greg Strohecker
the owner of SufferingSappho.com, Jose Crisanto Tano, C. Towner, John Trauger and vorlon.

If I've left anyone out or if there's someone for whom I've used a pseudonym when they would prefer me to use their real name or vica-versa please let me know. Also let me know if you want me to give links to any webpages you might have in the index etc of the books itself.

I'll keep updating it as I hear from people.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


People I need to interview for the book would include

Some I've already interviewed but will have to re-interview them again once Issue #32 and Book #5 are published.
I'd also like to interview Steve Moore (author of the Little Margie in Misty Magic Land stories) but apparently he's even more reclusive than Alan and never gives interviews